Therapy Services

Running Creek Counseling offers a supportive environment to explore, challenge, and change old behaviors into healthy lifestyles.

(Not all services are available at the Castle Rock location. Please call to confirm service availability.) 

Our therapists are highly trained to help you resolve all life, career, family and relationship issues. Some of our areas of expertise are: 

  • Trauma Dynamics - Mastery Level Therapist
  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
  • Strengthening a marriage after an affair or other crisis
  • Living and coping with addictions either individually or as a family
  • How to help my child who is abusing or addicted to drugs/alcohol
  • Managing anger
  • Dealing with grief, loss, loneliness
  • Healing past trauma (EMDR certification)
  • Creating and setting healthy boundaries
  • Using effective communication in any relationship
  • Strengthening self-esteem
  • Developing or increasing intimacy and trust
  • Managing a mental health condition
  • Working through a crisis
  • Managing conflict in the family or at work
  • Recovering from childhood victimization, sexual assault, domestic violence
  • Resolving issues before marriage
  • Regaining your life after divorce

Individual Counseling


Clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist to resolve issues that brought you to therapy and assist you in reaching a better quality of life. Individual therapy can be a useful means of self-growth when there are conflicts in your behaviors, beliefs, and feelings. Our therapists can help you to heal, change, and/or grow.   

Couples Counseling

 Each couple and the issues they face are unique. Our therapists will meet couples (married or not) where they are at, whether that is delving into past hurts or the immediate issues. Couples therapy assists couples in understanding and resolving conflict to improve their relationship. Couples may need tools to communicate better, deal with affairs, increase respect, revitalize sexual desires, overcome substance abuse issues, find forgiveness, rebuild trust, etc.  


Family Therapy


  Each family has its own unique structure, way of communicating, values, and beliefs. A conflict or change in one family member affects each of the other family members differently. Our therapists will look at the influences on the family such as each individual's personality, how the extended family affects the immediate family, and influences of a family member's addiction. Then they will help teach the family how it functions and to identify the conflicts, issues, and fears of the family members. Our therapists also will help families to develop strategies to resolve the conflicts occurring and assist in strengthening each family member so they can work through future conflicts and changes within the family.  

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